Bombay Chemical and Rubber Products (BCRP) was established in 1971 by Late Shri S.G. Jhunjhunwalla with a vision to create a supply chain between India and Japan by importing and distributing a variety of Synthetic Rubber & Chemicals primarily sourced from Japan. BCRP's mission is to become a premier marketing and distribution company in the area of Synthetic Rubbers and Chemicals,servicing a wide spectrum of the Rubber Industry in India.

We are an all India Marketing organization having an integrated product line from all kinds of Synthetic Rubbers, Elastomers, and Specialty Polymers to Chemicals, Bonding agent, Additives,Plasticizers, Activators and Testing equipments, Machinery etc for BCRP the Tyre and non Tyre Industry. Over the years have earned wide goodwill and reputation for marketing, sales and technical support.

BCRP's business with Japan was started by Importing Magnesium Oxide - Starmag from Konoshima Chemical in the Year 1972. In 1976 BCRP was appointed JSR Corporation's (Formerly known as Japan Synthetic Rubber Co.Ltd.) sole agent for the Indian market. BCRP successfully introduced JSR NBR, JSR SBR, JSR BR, JSR EPDM, JSR RB and JSRAflas in India.Subsequently in 1982 BCRP was appointed Tosoh Corporation's(Formerly known as Toyo Soda Co. Ltd.) agent for “Skyprene” (CR) “Toso CSM” (CSM) Petcoal (Hydrocarbon Resin) etc.

During 1985 BCRP launched Specialty Polymers such as(Dai-El FKM) from Daikin Industries, Japan in India. Then came on board Tophe Corporation's Toa Acron brand Polyacrylic Rubber (ACM), Daiso Co.Ltd.'s “Epichloromer” (ECO), Millable Polyurethane and so on We will soon be launching JSR Excelink, a EPDM based Thermoplastic Elastomer which can be processed on standard Plastic Processing Machinery having Rubber like property.

All of the brands BCRP introduced are renowned and have achieved highest goodwill and brand image in the Rubber Industry. In 1993 BCRP set up a Joint Venture with Toyo Kagaku Kenkyusho Co.Ltd., manufactures of Metloc in Japan for the manufacture of “Polyloc” brand of Rubber to metal and fabric bonding agents under the name of West Coast Adhesives Pvt. Ltd. offering wide variety of Bonding agents for NR, NBR, CR, Silicon, FKM, etc…

Since 1976 BCRP has added many raw materials required by the Rubber Industry to its range. We provide technical assistance by Japanese trained and Qualified Rubber Technologist's. We also have a fully equipped R & D facilities in New Bombay for development of formulation and testing facility for our valued customers.

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